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eboerse RULES
~::eboerse FORUM RULES ::~

Members are responsible for the content of their posts. eboerse does not condone the sharing of illegal material. eboerse is a website that believes that access to information for all is an important goal for society. As such, in principle, we aim to accommodate and welcome the sharing of all content on our website. With that said however, files that the ownership of or distribution of is illegal, are obviously excluded. These such files include, but are not limited to:

- Child pornography
- Any works which violate third party copyright.
- Instructions to criminal offenses.

Furthermore, we encourage all users to individually be aware of laws applicable to them, and to abide by them.

Upon notification of any infringing content, and upon review, we will delete and remove said content in an appropriately quick fashion.

We furthermore reserve the right to discontinue access to our service to users who repeatedly break any of our rules.

1. The language spoken/written on this forum is English. Posting comments, inquiries or replies in a non-English language is not permitted.
2. Search before posting. Do not start new threads for topics already started.
3. Flaming / Spamming will not be tolerated.
4. Do not post profanity.
5. Do not post or incite racism, sexism or homophobia, or insult other members. Members involved may receive a ban without warning.
6. Discussions of illegal drug use or gun control are not allowed in the forums, in avatar or signatures.
7. Always stay on topic.
8. No posting of adverts, referral links of any type, or scams of any type.  Advert is only allowing in affiliate section
9. Asking, begging, bartering for filehost accounts, reputation points and anything else is not allowed. Links are to be shared, not exchanged.
10. Do not spam the resource threads with thank you posts, requests or chat posts; Use the "Thanks" button. To increase your post count, you must make "quality" posts in the discussion areas.
Simple one word posts will also be considered spam and deleted. Quality post: This is entirely at the Staff's discretion. Running through a bunch of topics and responding with "thanks", "nice find", "cheers", and similar short responses are not considered quality posts. Post counts may be edited by the Staff at any time without warning. Resource threads are not chat threads chat posts in those sections will be deleted.
11. DISRESPECT TOWARDS eboerse STAFF WILL NOT BE TOLERATED AND MAY RESULT IN A TEMPORARY OR PERMANENT BAN. Personal issues regarding the forum or the staff must be discussed with staff in private messages, not in the public forums.
12. Any discussion regarding advertisements on eboerse is not permitted.

The resource/files forums are not request areas, discussion areas or private blogs. Post only comments relative to the quality of a post.
Allowed hosts: (including, (including and,,,,, (including and,,,,,,,, (,,,
Links from other file sharing hosts are also allowed.
1. Links must go directly to the file host site and not be re-directed to or through other sites or link lists etc.
2. Titling Posts and Placement:
a. Films: Exact Name of Film (Release Year) [Quality/Type]
b. You may make separate posts for different group releases. However, if your links are dead or you wish to add more links for the same group release, replace or add to your existing post, do not create a new one.
c. Tube: All episodes of a current season are to be in one thread. All past seasons and episodes of a series are to be in one separate thread.
3. Members are to make only one post per episode containing all their links to that item (Do not create a new post when adding new or alternate) links.
4. If the item is not in English, it must state that in the title. English info must be given in the body of the post. Also state if subtitles are included or not.
5. Post in the appropriate forum and sub-forum. Read the forum descriptions before posting.
6. Search before you post. Add your links to any existing thread of the same type. Do not start a new thread for the same item.
7. All links must be coded.
8. Do not place dots or symbols in post titles.
9. Any files which are password protected must have the password clearly shown as text in the body of the post.
10. When posting large amounts of links in one post, it is advisable to group them in a single code box to reduce page scrolling.
11. Members are responsible for maintaining their posts/links. Dead links and / or posts will be deleted without notice.
12. Personal collection threads are allowed, but must be pre-approved by staff. Unapproved personal collections will be broken up or deleted. Only the thread starter is allowed to post links in these threads. Thread starter's username must be in thread title.
13. In posts, provide as much info as possible about the content provided in your links.
14. Posts in the Resource forums must contain, at a minimum, all necessary links and info. Do not submit an incomplete post.
15. If you are not the original uploader links must be tested before posting to ensure there are no bugs and that those with passwords are working and added along with the post, any posts that require a survey to get the password will result in a ban.[/INDENT]

1. Images posted on eboerse must not be live. They must be posted from your own personal account on an image sharing site.
2. All Images must be posted using [IMG] tags.
3. In the resource/files sections, a max of 6 images per post is allowed.
a. Video - 1 poster, 1 screen capture of the info and 2 screen shots.
b. Audio - 1 cover, 1 back - 1 screen capture of the tracks
c. All others - 1 cover and up to three additional images as needed.
4. While there is no image size limit, excessively large images will be deleted at staff discretion.

1. All requests must be made in the proper request areas only.
2. Search before requesting. Don't request something that's already posted in the forums.
3. Request in the proper Request Forum and give as much info as you can.
4. Request fillers need to post the links in the appropriate forums and link to them in a reply to the request. Or, PM the links and leave a reply that the links were PM'd to the requester.
5. The requester should thank a filled post.
6. Wait at least 2 weeks before bumping your own post.
7. Unfilled requests remain active for 60 days. If an unfilled request has been deleted, a member may make a new request if they are still interested in the item.

1. 1 Signature picture. Max Size: 500x500
2. 2 Userbars. Max Size: 350x19
3. 3 Lines of text Max Font Size:
4. No links to outside sites are allowed. Internal eboerse links only.
5. No Advertising of other sites is allowed.
6. No profanity, nudity, racism, sexism, or flaming is allowed.
7. Do not post links to the Adult Sections.

1. ALL avatars must follow all rules of the forum. This includes coded links, language, etc. Nudity and drug related images are not allowed.

1. All members are encouraged to report posts with dead links, rule violations and anything that is detrimental to the forum. To report a post, click the small square with the exclamation mark if you are using the Default theme or the small rectangle 'Report' button if you chosen to use the Bluefox BETA theme. This is located at the bottom, left, in the user information box. Once the report window pops up, type the reason why you are reporting the post and click send.
(You will see this under the report box: [Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising messages, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts], but you may use this report for any type of report.

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