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Icarus of Brooklyn - A Spiritual Quest Gone Wrong
[Image: 1901140439060111.jpg]
Icarus of Brooklyn - A Spiritual Quest Gone Wrong By Matthew Alper
2012 | 203 Pages | ISBN: 0966036719 | EPUB | 3 MB

At some point in our early youth, we come to recognize the grim fact that all living things--ourselves included--die. From the moment Matthew Alper made this connection, he yearned to understand the nature of death. Was it a permanent ending or, as many believed, the advent of a new beginning? Only a higher power, it seemed, could answer such lofty questions, and so it became Matthew's chief aim to acquire knowledge of God. Thus begins the personal journey that is Icarus of Brooklyn: A Spiritual Quest Gone Wrong. From early childhood Matthew devotes himself to the investigation of all things magical, mystical and philosophical in search of ultimate meaning. Only Matthew is no Buddha. The product of Jewish bohemian Brooklynites, Matthew is impish and irreverent. Evolving from a hopeful innocent to a skeptical adolescent, Matthew begins experimenting with psychedelic drugs to hasten his quest for transcendence only to have a bad LSD trip that precipitates a tragic descent into madness, attempted suicide and hospitalization. Like the Greek tale of Icarus, it is the story of a man who will stop at nothing to gain a glimpse into the Heavens only to be burned for his hubris and wanton recklessness. Through a fortunate twist of fate, Matthew is restored to find redemption in a life of contentment without spiritual certitude.Sometimes in the search for ultimate answers one gets burned.

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