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Supercooled Liquids. Advances and Novel Applications
[Image: 1901150654340108.jpg]

Supercooled Liquids. Advances and Novel Applications By John T. Fourkas, Daniel Kivelson, Udayan Mohanty, and Keith A. Nelson (Eds.)
1997 | 351 Pages | ISBN: 0841235317 | PDF | 51 MB

Content: A brief introduction to supercooled liquids / John T. Fourkas, Daniel Kivelson, Udayan Mohanty, and Keith A. Nelson The viscous-liquid-glassy-solid problem / C.A. Angell The mode-coupling theory of the glass transition / Walter Kob Basic physics of the coupling model : direct experimental evidences / K.L. Ngai and R.W. Rendell Frustration-limited domain theory of supercooled liquids and the glass transition / Gilles Tarjus, Daniel Kivelson, and Steven Kivelson Soft modes in glass-forming liquids : the role of local stress / U. Zürcher and T. Keyes Entropic approach to relaxation behavior in glass-forming liquids / Udayan Mohanty The replica approach to glasses / Giorgio Parisi Growing length scales in supercooled liquids / Raymond D. Mountain Shear viscosity and diffusion in supercooled liquids / Frank H. Stillinger Phase separation in silicate melts : limits of solubilities / L. René Corrales Higher order time-correlation functions from fluctuating energy landscape models : comparison with reduced four-dimensional NMR spectroscopy / G. Diezemann, G. Hinze, R. Böhmer, and H. Sillescu High-frequency dielectric spectroscopy of glass-forming liquids / P. Lunkenheimer, A. Pimenov, M. Dressel, B. Gorshunov, U. Schneider, B. Schiener, and A. Loidl Structural relaxation of supercooled liquids from impulsive stimulated light scattering / Yongwu Yang and Keith A. Nelson Multiple time scales in the nonpolar solvation dynamics of supercooled liquids / J. Ma, John T. Fourkas, D.A. Vanden Bout, and M. Berg Polyamorphic transitions in network-forming liquids and glasses / J.L. Yarger, C.A. Angell, S.S. Borick, and G.H. Wolf Facts and speculation concerning low-temperature polymorphism in glass formers / Daniel Kivelson, J.-C. Pereda, K. Luu, M. Lee, H. Sakai, A. Ha, I. Cohen, and Gilles Tarjus Phase diagram for supercooled water and liquid-liquid transition / Hideki Tanaka The liquid-liquid critical-point hypothesis / H.E. Stanley, S.T. Harrington, F. Sciortino, P.H. Poole, and S. Sastry Slow dynamics in a model and real supercooled water / S.H. Chen, P. Gallo, F. Sciortino, and P. Tartaglia Raman evidence for the clathratelike structure of highly supercooled water / G.E. Walrafen, W.-H. Yang, and Y.C. Chu Cold denaturation of proteins / Jiri Jonas Vibrational echo studies of heme-protein dynamics / M.D. Fayer and Dana D. Dlott.

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