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Supercritical Fluids. Extraction and Pollution Prevention
[Image: 1901150654360105.jpg]

Supercritical Fluids. Extraction and Pollution Prevention By Martin A. Abraham and Aydin K. Sunol (Eds.)
1997 | 312 Pages | ISBN: 0841235171 | PDF | 40 MB

Content: Miscibility and phase separation of polymers in near- and supercritical fluids / Erdogan Kiran and Wenhao Zhuang Estimation of solid solubilities in supercritical carbon dioxide from solute solvatochromic parameters / David Bush and Charles A. Eckert Phase equilibria of vegetable oils with near-critical fluids / Juan C. de la Fuente B., Tiziana Fornari, Esteban A. Brignole, and Susana B. Bottini Supercritical fluid extraction of recycled fibers : removal of dioxins, stickies, and inactivation of microbes / Carol A. Blaney and Shafi U. Hossain Meeting the natural products challenge with supercritical fluids / D.E. Raynie Extraction of sage and coriander seed using near-critical carbon dioxide / O.J. Catchpole, J.B. Grey, and B.M. Smallfield Supercritical recovery of eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid from fish oil / Christina Borch-Jensen, Ole Henriksen, and Jørgen Mollerup Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of volatile compounds from rosemary / J.A.P. Coelho, R.L. Mendes, M.C. Provost, J.M.S. Cabral, J.M. Novais, and A.M.F. Palavra Effect of functional groups on the solubilities of coumarin derivatives in supercritical carbon dioxide / Y.H. Choi, J. Kim, M.J. Noh, E.S. Choi, and K.-P. Yoo Supercritical fluid extraction with reflux for citrus oil processing / Masaki Sato, Motonobu Goto, Akio Kodama, and Tsutomu Hirose The future impact of supercritical fluid chromatography on packed columns, modified fluids, and detectors / L.T. Taylor Analysis of natural products : a review of chromatographic techniques / Christina Borch-Jensen and Jørgen Mollerup The influence of entrainers on the extraction of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from contaminated soils / A. Schleussinger, I. Reiss, and S. Schulz Estimation of physicochemical properties using supercritical fluid chromatography / Sermin G. Sunol, Brad Mierau, Irmak Serifoglu, and Aydin K. Sunol Supercritical fluids in environmental remediation and pollution prevention / A. Akgerman Mass transfer and chemical reaction during catalytic supercritical water oxidation of pyridine / Sudhir N.V.K. Aki and Martin A. Abraham Degradation in supercritical water oxidation systems / D.B. Mitton, E.-H. Han, S.-H. Zhang, K.E. Hautanen, and R.M. Latanision Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of solvent from micromachined structures / Edward M. Russick, Carol L.J. Adkins, and Christopher W. Dyck Supercritical fluid extraction of grinding and metal cutting waste contaminated with oils / N. Dahmen, J. Schön, H. Schmieder, and K. Ebert Supercritical fluid extraction for remediation of contaminated soil / M. Reza Ekhtera, G. Ali Mansoori, Michael C. Mensinger, Amir Rehmat, and Brunie Deville.

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